Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last day of training..

  Today,I had my usual class with Miko in Bangsar.I always look forward to my weekly classes with her because she gives me confidence and always believes in me(when I don't). I am extra happy today because I managed to do the reverse crucifix..finally! After weeks of trying,I finally got it! Now the question is,should I include it in my routine??..hmmm..

  I worked extra hard today because I was fixing my techniques on the spins and inverts. This is the last time for me to reconfirm anything with Miko before the competition. She has helped me a lot in terms of prep talk and confidence boosting. In fact,she was the one who persuaded me to join this competition in the first place. Thanks a bunch for everything Miko/'re the BOMB!

  Although my right lower arm is still killing me till today, I can feel that my hands/arms are getting stronger as days go by. I'm starting to be able to do stuff I couldn't even dream of doing before. I'm most certain that this is because I have been poling almost everyday for the past 2 weeks..I am not complaining! I love poling..

  I was hoping to practice tomorrow,but there is no pole Xcess session. I guess I should, I've got tones of chores to complete. I'll just run through the routines in my head for the whole day..

  It's kinda sad that this journey is coming to an end..I've learned a lot,experienced new things and met new interesting friends. My lovely friends and beloved family has been giving me their absolute support. At times like these, you come to realise that a lot of people do love you..and you feel blessed. 

Training day 6

  We had our last group rehearsals yesterday..finally we completed the choreography! Like finally!! I felt kinda guilty..I was being a bit bossy!! We had very limited time and somebody just had to take charge. Somehow,being the eldest makes me feel responsible to control the situation. If my fellow contestants are reading this, I'm really sorry guys! We just need a few more run through to perfect it. 

  On the other hand, I'm feeling nauseous like hell..Feel like packing my bags and fleeing off to another planet! Notice how many times i have used the exclamation marks in this post so far??...signs of a nervous breakdown..(talking in screaming mode and anxiety attacks)..uh..uh..uh..
I can't breathe!!

 Well,being the warrior that I claim to be..I have to fight this battle with courage and determination. No chickening out! Born to be a fighter..I'm starting to talk crap..better stop now!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pole Xcess session 4

  Well as prayers for a pole wasn't answered! Fat hope!! hahahahahahahaha..
Okay,as you all can see, I'm going berserk! The pressure is driving me a way,exhilarating!
I attended pole xcess session and tried my best to complete the choreography. 
I did,but..errr...Can I remember it? 
I bought a new pair of shoes especially for this competition.It's gorgeous but I keep loosing it. It's too wobbly and I don't want to risk a broken ankle..I shall stick to the comfortable but 'not that matching with my outfit' shoes. By the way,safety is what matters most right? Better be safe than sorry..
  The xcess session went well. I managed to gather my focus for the whole 2 hours to complete the whole routine. By the time I'm done, I was incredibly,a new task! memorizing the steps.I'm sure on that day I'll be so nervous,I won't remember a thing.  

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pole Xcess session3

  I am pushing myself..pushing really really hard!! As hard as I could.. 

  Today I attended pole Xcess in Hartamas for another 2 hours. I forced myself to endure the pain of skin against the pole. I have very sensitive skin on my inner thigh, therefore its very painful for me to do all the tricks that requires me too cling on the pole. But I have too..i don't want to surrender!! So today I did as much clinging as I could..almost too much that I literally walked funny on the way back to the car..hahaha!

 I tried to finish as much choreography as I could as "The day" is just around the corner..This is pretty much nerve wrecking for me now as time is running out. I seriously..I mean SERIOUSLY.. need more time!! My routine is in a mess..

 Tomorrow would be the last chance for me to finish, clean, perfect, practice, memorize..yadee yadee yaaa..pheeww! my routine..(are you kidding me??!!)

Wednesday-Fit pole group training
Thursday-Class with Miko
Friday-???(I hope Fiona will be kind enough to open the studio for us to have a last chance to practice)
Saturday- 'THE DAY'!!! .....aaaaarrrggghhhhh *faint*

P/S: *in praying mode*..dear god, please let me wake up to a beautiful shining pole sticking in the middle of my living room..Amin! (wishful thinking)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Training day 5

The trophy..

The certificate..

The pole bunch..

Me and Michelle(Kylie)

 I have been 'Super' occupied lately until I haven't got a chance to tidy up the house!! The sight of the mess is stressing me out (my hubby thinks I have OCD)..I am the type of person who cleans and tidy up the condition of the house is driving me nuts!! 
  Yesterday,I kicked off the day pretty early. I wanted to follow 'the gang' for our usual running session but figured that I'll be dead half way through the day..So not such a good idea. So I went to Talent hub for pole access at 11am-1pm. Tried to finish my choreography for the in house competition that evening..wasn't much of a success! Tried my best,that's for sure..

 After,grabbed a quick lunch and rushed to Kota Damansara for the usual fit pole group training at 2pm. Managed to get there on time..pheeww! (punctuality is important for me). Did as much as we could, but we are still behind schedule..Olly was still sick,Chunky Monkey was late(not fashionably),Kylie was a bit late probably because she was having a nervous breakdown (for the In house competition)..Need to buck up people!!! Less than a week from now...

  Me and Kylie had to rush to Bangsar for the in house competition organized by our dance studio, 'Shall We Dance Academy'. Although both of us still haven't completed our routine, we are still going to participate..not pulling out! "WE ARE NOT LOSERS!"
When we arrived, they said that we only have a few minutes to we rushed!
 I didn't have to wait that long before they called my name.'Butterflies in my stomach' is an understatement! Clearly I wasn't thinking straight when I agreed to join this competition..knowing I wouldn't be able to complete my routine! 
When they called my name..I put up a straight face, gathered all my guts and walked onto the stage. All eyes on me! And I don't have a single idea of what I'm doing..At that moment, my brain just decided to stop functioning as it went numb.

 I just danced away, taking steps I felt like at the at a time. I didn't care about the audience anymore. I just had fun! 
Came up 2nd place..hahaha..dunno how that happened?? Now that's what you call pure luck!!
Today is rest day..finally I got that massage that I've been longing for..ooOOoooohhh! I feel awesome now! Ready for another hectic week ahead...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Training day 4

 I have always wanted to be a dancer since i was a little girl. I started attending ballet classes as early as 5 years old. Whenever i did something wrong, my parents would punish me by not sending me to my weekly classes. That was like the biggest torture for me!! Worst than getting a time out or even spanking! 
 When i was in primary school, when all my friends were busy playing catch and hopscotch, I would hide behind the school gymnasium to peep at girls practising rhythmic gymnastics. When they saw me peeping, they would give me the 'I'm a gymnast and you're not..' look! 
At home,I would jump around doing splits trying to imitate them..until one day,my mom got sick and tired of me jumping around the house,he persuaded my dad to enroll me in one of the national programs.
  I auditioned and got through..the rest is history! 

  I ended up in the team for 10 years! When all my teenage friends were busy going shopping,dating boys,gossiping and living a teenage life..I was always in the gymnasium training so hard for competitions,while getting yelled at (yeah..the Russian coaches were fierce). But nevertheless, the experiences i gained were incomparable..Well,enough about the past..I want to be a pole dancer now. 

  Yesterday we had training #4. We pretty much have everything sorted out now..It's just time to fill in the blanks. We always have fun,every time! I think that's the most important thing... besides getting things done!

Tonight, I have a class with Miko..yeaayyyy!! always looking forward to that...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pole Xcess session 2

 Another day passed by like breeze..I just wish time would halt a little,so I could have more time to practise my routine. Today,2 hours spent at pole excess seemed like too little. The catching up game is rather tiring but exciting,i must say..

 The amount of bruises on my body is starting to look hideous. Wave goodbye to all my shorts and skirts..people might think I've been in a devastating car wreck or heavily battered with a hard object! hahahaha...No! seriously..
  I have been putting a lot of thoughts on what I'll be wearing that night. No decisions have been made to this point and it's starting to stress me out!! One thing for sure is I'm definitely wearing heels..In the beginning, I'm a bit worried cause I've never polled with heels before, but after trying it today..Yup! Loved it! Makes my bruised legs look leaner and longer..swoooshhh!

 Owh! finally snapped pictures today..tomorrow is fit pole group training.